Squad Community Event | Showdown In Sumari > Pistols & Grenades Only – Sat. April 23, 2016

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Squad Community Event | Showdown In Sumari > Pistols & Grenades Only

Get ready for another fun filled Saturday afternoon of Squad game-play. This Saturday April 23, 2016 at 8 PM UTC 3MOB Squad Community will be hosting the “Showdown In Sumari > Pistols & Grenades Only” Squad Community event on our 64 Slot 3MOB Squad Server.

Everyone in the Squad Community is invited to participate in our 3MOB Squad Community Events!

In this Saturday’s event the Roadrunners & Coyotes will be shooting and fragging it out on the Sumari Skirmish Map. It’s 2 rounds (maybe more) – Pistols & Grenades ONLY. Complete event thread & general rules will be posted up in our 3MOB Squad Forums no later than Friday night prior to each weekly Sat. event.

Server Name: SHOWDOWN IN SUMARI Event – SquadUp3MOB.com
Server Password: pistol

The 3MOB Squad Server will be pass-worded. Event password will be made available and posted up in our 3MOB Discord Server no later than 30 minutes prior to event start. Teams will be randomized/divided in Discord immediately before the event begins at 8 PM UTC to promote FUN and balanced game-play for the event.

While we encourage clans/communities to play together in these events we also reserve the right to “assign” your group to be dispersed across teams for balance.

Get Ready… let’s have a blast & best of luck to both teams!