BF1, BF4, BF3 & Squad Designated Gaming Nights via 3MOB

BF1, BF4, BF3 & Squad Designated Gaming Nights

Introducing “designated community gaming nights”. While real life can often be challenging, setting aside some free time to game with your friends shouldn’t be.
It’s a simple concept that will hopefully allow better coordination when scheduling that rare commodity known as “game time” with your friends in our community.

We’ve all experienced the disappointment and frustration of coming online to play only to realize you’ve just missed playing with the group. It’s like rolling the dice as you load a game up and look to see if others in the community are currently playing as well. Sure there are times we don’t mind playing alone and sometimes may actually prefer to play alone due to circumstances. However… we’d like to think that not playing the game alone is likely one of the main reasons you joined our community in the first place.

Everyone in the Battlefield & Squad Community is invited to participate in Designated Gaming Nights!

This schedule is merely a “guideline” for which games we “collectively play together” on the designated nights. No one is dictating what we must play. However it is a great reference for those of us who wish to participate “collectively with the group”. So it’s Thursday for 3, Friday for 4, and Saturday for Squad! Times are posted in the image above. Meetup happens each designated game night via the 3MOB VOIP Discord Server.