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Battlefield 1 Mouse Pad Mock-up Design by Mark-GaWebDev

Battlefield 1 Mouse Pad Mock-up Design by Mark-GaWeb

Battlefield 1 – What Can We Realistically Expect In This 1?

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The reality is that in the AAA video game industry the true litmus test of a game’s success is “sales and revenue”. Sure the support and approval of a loyal player-base is most desirable but at the end of the day for a publicly traded company like EA DICE it’s very much so about creating profit and value for the shareholder.

I have played the Battlefield Series going back to 2005 and continue to this day to manage one of the largest Battlefield PC communities in North America. Personally I have had my share of disappointments with EA DICE. Most recently being the problematic release of Battlefield 4 and the nearly two years it took to remedy a product that was laden with issues. I took that one a bit personal, as I watched our once thriving and active PC player base of 500+ active community players drivel down to a mere couple of dozen actives still playing the game.

As anyone knows it wasn’t just our Battlefield PC Community that took one on the chin back then. Overall the community in general was hit pretty hard those first several months post Battlefield 4’s release. Many long time Battlefield Communities and clans actually never recovered from that ordeal and several were either disbanded or silently faded off the Battlefield radar. It was both sad and troubling to watch fellow clans and communities that were once bustling with Battlefield activity become eerily quiet and fade away.

To DICE and EA’s defense and in my own opinion I think they did an awesome job in ultimately fixing most of the issues… albeit latter than sooner. The creation of the CTE (community test environment) was birthed out of BF4’s problematic launch and the obvious “disconnect” with the community that ensued.

So many great things have came out of the CTE that one could easily argue it was/is a case of the great phoenix rising from the ashes so to speak. I and many others would like to believe that we and EA DICE learned some valuable lessons from all of that. Only time will tell for sure however as Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on October 21, 2016.

Rock Paper Scissors vs. Hardcore – Classic – MilSim Battlefield Gameplay

The reality is that most hard core Battlefield Series Veterans who were so fond of the early releases like 1942 and BF2 (myself included) are unfortunately now in the “minority”. I’m not a statistician but I would easily venture to guess that most among us who for example purchased Battlefield 2 back in 2005 now only represent less than 3% to 5% of the total present day on-line shooter market. Remember… it was a PC only Battlefield back in those days. That’s a bit unfortunate in the sense that some of us can never realistically expect nor should we expect EA DICE to cater a game exclusively to what our group of Battlefield Series veterans most value in a good shooter.

If you’re familiar with DICE you’ve likely heard the repeated reference to “Rock, Paper, Scissors Gameplay Mechanics” when referencing an important dynamic of Battlefield Gameplay. So… what does the reference to rock, paper, scissors in regards to Battlefield really mean? Well it’s like they have repeatedly stated. Their goal is for the Battlefield to be well rounded and balanced. No one soldier, class, weapon, or other element of the game should be omnipotent on the Battelfield. For every amazing and awesome weapon, vehicle, or class there exists “a counter” so to speak.

Whether you like that philosophy “balance” or hate it I’m here to tell you it’s not going away in Battlefield 1. That’s great news if you’re a causal gamer and maybe not so great if you’re a highly skilled player… at least in a public server environment anyways.

Obviously we’ll all be noobs again when Battlefield 1 launches but this concept of rock, paper, scissors, helps to insure that Battlefield remains attractive for even the newest of players. Gone are the days where the most skilled and smartly equipped Battlefield player “always” wins the battle. It’s actually more often than not a “roll of the DICE” when it comes to winning engagements now on the Battlefield.

On the flip side of the “balance coin” I also anticipate DICE will be very attentive to not overbalance or “nerf” Battlefield 1 as some have said was the case in both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. So in summary I think we can expect a very well balanced, highly immersive Battlefield experience that will cater to a very wide range of Battlefield players. Don’t be surprised either if Battlefield 1 delivers on the comp side of things as well.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1? What do you want to see more or less of in the next Battlefield? Leave your comments below.

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3MOB Battlefield PC Edition Community Manager/Founder Mark is DICE approved and a distinguished recipient of the “Friend of DICE Dog Tag”. Along with organizing and founding one of North America’s largest and most successful Battlefield Series PC Communities he’s played the series on PC since 2005.