Battlefield 1 Official Release Date Set For October 21, 2016

Battlefield 1 Official Release Date Set

Official Battlefield 1 Trailer

Just as we reported back on January 10, 2016 Battlefield 1 is releasing worldwide on October 21, 2016 for Xbox One, Origin on PC, and PlayStation 4. In Battlefield 1 DICE sets out to create some of the largest, most dynamic battles in First-Person-Shooter history.

DICE’s latest iteration of Battlefield, Battlefield 1 is set during World War I. Chronologically that puts it taking place before EA’s very popular and acclaimed Battlefield 1942 which was released back in September of 2002.  DICE and EA have both confirmed that Battlefield 1 will indeed remain “mostly accurate” with the war’s historical events.

Battlefield 1 players will find themselves immersed in a FrostBite3 induced, digitized era that boasts German Zeppelins, Ottoman Empire Cavalries on horseback and British Mark V tanks just to name a few of the game’s confirmed assets.

The brutality and realism of trench warfare is about to be revisited as never before in an AAA game. Developing a World War 1 themed game was/is a lesson in contrast, says EA DICE designer Daniel Berlin.

Battlefield 1 players will be able to join massive 64-player battles and experience unexpected Only in Battlefield moments in a setting where the old world was destroyed. As can be expected DICE will be turning the destruction up a notch too, so players should anticipate lots of surprises when they take to the battlefield.

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